Bitcoin – The dawn of a new era



Bitcoin Horoscope 2021: The dawn of a new era


The bull rally coincides with some major astrological events – how the stars align for Bitcoin and what BTC has to do with the Star of Bethlehem.

A guest contribution by Reiner Schmidt: now a retiree, artist and amateur astrologer, the trained banker, old hippie, globetrotter and long-time quality manager would Bitcoin Trader like to take a very different, unusual look at crypto, blockchain and the new age.

Perhaps some of the readers could still remember the Bitcoin birth chart I described here on August 2 and the column on planetary cycles from August 23.

It was about the planets Jupiter and Saturn and the change into a new age. When I look at the development of the last few months and where Bitcoin and also Ethereum stand today, this assessment already seems to be confirmed.
The birth chart shows the future

In astrology, people have always drawn up currency horoscopes and found that the planets Jupiter and Saturn play a central role here and say a lot about stability. In the case of the dollar and the euro, for example, the Jupiter principle stands for more and more, expansion, the money printing machine and loss of value, whereas the Saturn principle stands for less, scarcity, increase in value, order. Here, the Bitcoin already proves to be a strong currency at first glance.

In the Euro horoscope Saturn is in a fire sign, where something burns, whereas in the Bitcoin horoscope it is in Virgo, an earth sign, which means stability, reliability, serving the big picture, and is optimal for a currency horoscope. Moreover, as the first planet from the Ascendant, as the first principle, it is the main figure in the horoscope. At first glance, this already reflects the Bitcoin principle of quantity limitation and is not found like this in any other currency horoscope.

Saturn shows the need for order and delimitation to secure and protect life. In the Bitcoin chart, it is in a central conjunction, an opposition to Uranus, which represents intuition, creative intelligence, innovation, independence and invention of new technical and spiritual systems. This powerful conjunction will, over time, change the role of Bitcoin for the future. Uranus, symbol of innovation, creative intelligence, invention of the new and intuition, was in Pisces at the birth of Bitcoin. According to classical astrology, this was not so favourable because it was too mobile, too emotional, which may indicate the strong price fluctuations in the first few years. But just as all planets change their orbits through time, so does Uranus and since its birth from Pisces it has continued to move through Aries and has meanwhile arrived in Taurus.
The turn of time – the great gong

But the great gong, the change into a new age, is being sounded right now in these days. Until Christmas 2020, one cosmic event after the other will follow on the way into the faster and higher swinging Aquarian phase, which will last until 2044.

This Sagittarius month is marked by a lunar eclipse (30 November), by a total solar eclipse (14 December), by the change of Saturn (17 December) and Jupiter (19 December) into the Aquarius sign, by a striking conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (21 December), also known as the „Star of Bethlehem“, which begins a new 20-year cycle – and which also coincides with the winter solstice (21 December).

And there is a conjunction between Lilith (untamed elemental force) and Uranus (future) in Taurus (22 December), which clearly illuminates the change in our values and intensifies the focus more on humanity and the environment. At the same time, this conjunction is also the gong strike for the next step in finance (Taurus). The digital euro is already on the way and is being pushed very hard by the European Central Bank ECB, which is tantamount to the introduction of a new, international monetary and financial system. With the increasing speed, this could probably already take effect at the beginning of the new year through new draft laws that will clear all parliamentary hurdles in no time at the latest from 15 January 2021, when Uranus in Taurus moves forward again.